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Original ECU file for MB ML300 3.0 CDI Blue Efficiency V6 | 2010 Bosch EDC17CP10 (SW: 512424)

File specifications

Car MB ML300 3.0 CDI Blue Efficiency V6
Type W164
Model year 2010
Displacement 3.0
Output 203.9PS / 150.0KW
Gear Automatic transmission
ECU Manufacturer Bosch
ECU Name EDC17CP10
ECU prod nr CR6EU5-642-49D2-Ch4_nNW-164WA-150kW-EU5OP-007c_ME07
Hardware nr -
Software 512424
Software version -
Software size 200000
Project Type Complete binary file
Read hardware Dimsport Trasdata
8 bit sum 3418
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