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Basic WinOLS Chiptuning Course

This training is for tuners who are wishing to use and obtain a basic understanding of the WinOLS car tuning software, improve their knowledge of tuning and speak in a confidently and in an expert way to their customers about the tuning process and everything that has to do with it.

Basic Win-OLS course

Our tuning expert will take you step-by-step through the process of car tuning and how to use the WinOLS software as a professional. You will increase your tuning skills with WinOLS under supervision of a professional, in a small dedicated group and with training cars to practice with during the course.

During this course we teach you all ins and outs of modern day petrol & diesel engine management systems and will discuss multiple type of ECUs. We teach you the important components of petrol & diesel engines and which components are important to fully understand in order to remap an ECU in a good and safe way. There are a lot of variables you need to take care of when adjusting software of an ECU which all will be treated during the Basic Course.

Furthermore we will run through the whole remapping process to demonstrate what is involved during this process and what are things to look out for. Here at Dyno-Chiptuningfiles.com we spend a lot of effort on quality and safety so part of these training will be how to manage the whole process, from making a tuning file till controlling it by measurement and logging all the important data after writing the tuning file into a vehicle.

Training program

Day 1: WinOLS training
  • Understanding of Computer Science Engineering
  • Introduction of WinOLS
  • Project Management / Map Management
  • Transfer maps / Values on compared mode
  • Find values / Comment / Marker / Script / Create selection
  • How to configure 1*1, N*1, N*N maps from Hexdump window?
Day 2: Petrol engine training
  • Introduction of the Bosch EDC17X series
  • What is torque management modeling?
  • How to modify values for petrol engine properly?
  • How to know what is the exact factor, offset and precision?
  • How can I make a tuning file quickly?
  • How can I copy from a modified file quickly?
Day 3: Diesel engine training
  • How to modify values for diesel engine properly?
  • DTC Error handling in Bosch (Fault management)
  • How can I make a tuning file quickly?
  • How can I copy from a modified file quickly?

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Not sure which equipment, hardware, software and training to take? Send a mail to [email protected] for more information about our course. At Dyno-ChiptuningFiles.com we're looking forward to welcoming you on our chiptuning training!

  • Training location: The Netherlands, Baarn
  • Language: English
  • Training data: Exact dates to be discussed
  • Price: € 1800,- excl. VAT

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