>>Technician course 'Understanding for communication layer'

Technician course 'Understanding for communication layer'

Are you a starting chiptuner and do you have a passion for everything related to cars and motors? In that case, this basic course is the ideal solution for you! We would like to share our chiptuning knowledge with you so that you learn to apply the different chiptuning methods in a responsible way. For the basic course, there's the option between the Slave or the Master tools. During the training you get an comprehensive demonstration of the purchased tool and you have the opportunity to practice with the tool.

During this course

Our tuning experts will take you step-by-step through the process of save and responsible car tuning and how to use your purchased tool. This basic course will increase your tuning skills under supervision of a professional in a small dedicated group. We have spent years of continual research to give you the most accurate and up-to-date information in the tuning industry.

Two types of basic courses

Slave tools Master tools
FREE (half-day program) € 300,-

Training program

  1. Demonstration of the purchased tool
  2. OBD reading and writing
  3. Bootmode reading and writing
  4. BDM reading and writing
  5. How to (dis)assemble the chip and read out the software
  6. Methods to safely write, read and open the ECU
  7. How to save software in a folder
  8. Upload files and DynoChiptuningfiles.com support
  9. What is logging and what are the most important values for benzine- and diesel engines?

Training location

The Netherlands, Baarn, April 2018

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More information?

Not sure which equipment, hardware, software and training to take? Please contact us for more information about our courses. At Dyno-Chiptuningfiles.com we're looking forward to welcoming you on one of our chiptuning trainings!

Frequently askes questions about our chiptuning trainings

What do I need to have with me for chiptuning training?

Notebook with WinOls Demo or WinOls installed (latest version if possible).

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