>>Advanced WinOLS course 'Specialized tuning technic'

Advanced WinOLS course 'Specialized tuning technic'

WinOLS is one of the most advanced tuning and ECU remapping software available. Dyno-ChiptuningFiles.com is an authorized WinOLS dealer and reseller for years. This training is for tuners who are wishing to use and obtain a deep understanding of the WinOLS car tuning software, improve their knowledge of tuning and speak confidently to their customers about the tuning process.

During this course

We will offer you how to develop tuning file and how to analyze damos file. It means you can be power user and you will be able to respond to particular request from your customer. For example, you can disable any function and can replace some parts and can change engine.

Training program

Day 1.  WinOLS Training Level2

  1. Some secret tips
  2. Fault management
  3. Torque modeling
  4. Re-calibration for change to parts and sensors

Day 2. Diesel Engine tuning with EDC17 Level2
Day 3. Petrol Engine tuning with MED17 Level2


This three-day training costs € 3500,-

Training location

The Netherlands, Baarn

More information?

Not sure which equipment, hardware, software and training to take? Please contact us for more information about our courses. At Dyno-Chiptuningfiles.com we're looking forward to welcoming you on one of our chiptuning trainings!

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