>>Good news for the owners of the Mercedes Benz A...

Good news for the owners of the Mercedes Benz A, B, and CLA models with the 180 CGI turbo engine!

Dyno-chiptuningfiles has developed stage 1 software for the 180 CGi engine with 122hp in stock.
This 180 CGi engine is identical the same as the 200 CGi engine with 156hp in stock.
The stage 1 software from Dyno-chiptuningfiles gives the engine 175hp and 310nm torque!
Our customers are very satisfied with the new resultys.


  Original After tuning
Mercedes-Benz 180 CGi 122hp/220nm 175hp/310nm
Mercedes-Benz 200 CGi 156hp/250nm 175hp/310nm
  • Mercedes_Benz_A_180_CGI
  • grafiek_mercedes_A_180_cgi_nieuw DYNO
Mercedes_Benz_A_180_CGI grafiek_mercedes_A_180_cgi_nieuw DYNO

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