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Volkswagen GTI MK7 2.0 TSI Stage 1!

Dyno-Chiptuningfiles is proud to present it’s complete tuning solution for the Volkswagen GTI MK7 2.0. After much research and development, Dyno-Chiptuningfiles’s comprehensive ECU re-calibration refines and boosts the performance of the GTI MK7 2.0 TSI and sets the industry standard for reliability and power. The refinements in power delivery provide a large increase in low RPM torque as well as a substantial increase in top end power delivery. Tuning with all factory safety limiters maintained, Dyno-Chiptuningfiles offers performance software and hardware to match your demand for performance and reliability.

The power that should have been there from the factory is unleashed with Dyno-Chiptuningfiles’s ECU upgrade for the GTI MK7 2.0 TSI.

  Original After tuning
Volkswagen Golf GTI 2.0 TSI MK7 220hp/350nm 328pk/470nm
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