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Connect your WinOLS database to our EVC WinOLS Reseller database

Buying high quality tuning files has never been easier! Just connect your WinOLS database to our EVC WinOLS reseller database with the following instructions:

Connect your WinOLS database with our database in the following steps:

  • Search your WinOLS/customer number:

  • Go to www.dyno-chiptuningfiles.com log in and go to edit account and fill in your WinOLS/customer number.
  • Go back to your WinOLS and go to miscellaneous > and select updates + registration, your WinOLS has now a new client path
  • Check your client path:

  • You can select Reseller-DCF and you can see all our projects. When you drop a file in the WinOLS and you push ctrl+alt+o search similar you see if DCF-Reseller has the project.
  • We have the following content in our database:
  • Tuning files
  • Limited map pack
  • Super ma ppack
  • Add Blue off
  • Damos files
  • Dpf off
  • If you want to download a project, just purchase OLS Credits on our site

If you need any info, please let us know.



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BMW 5 serie 525D 204hp (2993cc) (F10/11 - 2010 - 2016)
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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 213/313/413/513 BlueTEC 129hp (2014 - 2016)
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Car Tuning (Stage 1)
Mercedes-Benz B 200 CDI 136hp (W246 - 2012 - 2014)
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