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Meet Dyno-Chiptuningfiles.com, the supplier of high quality tuning files. Dyno-Chiptuningfiles was founded in 2010 by two experienced tuners, with the idea to share their knowledge and expertise in adjusting motor management systems and tuning software, because of the lack of good tuning software engineers in the industry at the time.

They started with the idea of making an online B2B platform, in which tuning companies can request tuning files by uploading stock data files from vehicles and having the data files adjusted to their needs. It was an instant and big success because of the high demand for qualitative tuning files.


Over the years the company and the number of customers kept growing. By adding new software engineers to the team, Dyno-Chiptuning could keep up the ever rising demand for tuning software and could develop and introduce the support system.

We have continuously improved the file service platform over the years and made sure that it became more and more user-friendly for customers. At the same time, we had to make sure that the system was ready for the future by making new, upcoming features possible and keep expanding our database by developing new tuning files for new cars and vehicles.

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Now, eight years further, we still keep developing the file service platform and it has become bigger and bigger. We still keep exploring new grounds by expanding our business and our eagerness to keep improving ourself. We do this by carefully listening to the demands and expectations of our customers.

With more than 24000 dealers in more than 160 countries, we can safely call ourself one of the biggest tuning companies in the world. We have a huge database of tuning files and find solutions for almost all problems modern day tuners are facing.

Our core business is to develop software for vehicles so it’s really important for us to have good test facilities. In the last couple of years we have made some big investmentes in our test facilities to make sure that we can constantly respond to new technologies, and keep developing software for all kind of vehicles. We develop software for cars, trucks, agriculture vehicles, bikes and even boats.

Average turnaround time of 20 minutes
More than 2000 WinOLS reseller dealers
Supplier of premium chiptuning tools

Why choose us?

Practical experience

We know and understand our customers because we have experience as a tuning company as well and therefore can resonate with our customers in a practical way. We understand the problems and difficulties tuning companies are facing when carrying out their daily activities.

Another distinctive factor is our user experience with tuning tools. We are familiar with all the tools and equipment available on the market and therefore can help our customers very well, even if they work with lesser known tools. We can even assist our customers with their daily activities by advising which tools to use in particular cases.

Excellent Support

We also assist our customers with their tuning proces by providing an excellent support system. The support system makes it possible for customers to request custom adjustments when needed as not every vehicle reacts the same to adjustments and vehicles usually are not in the same condition. It is hard for us to check a vehicle’s condition on a distance and that is why the support system is so useful. It really helps to serve customers in a better way, whether it concerns consumers or businesses.

It is our mission to provide tuning companies with high quality tuning software to make it possible for them to serve their customers in a better way and let their companies grow to their full potential. We accomplish that by a strict internal development policy and an excellent support system for customers with a substantial reduction in the chance of errors as result.
The Dyno-ChiptuningFiles.com team

The team

The team consists of six highly qualified engineers with an exceptional passion for speed, cars and engineering. They are experts in the field of car tuning and adjusting motor management systems and are dedicated to stay up to date when it comes to learning new techniques, optimize software and developing new software.


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