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Optimizing the performance of a vehicle by modifying the engine management system. Software modification takes place whereby engine parameters such as throttle pedal injection, torque limiters, turbo charge pressure, fuel / air ratio and fuel pressure are readjusted.

Stage 2 chiptuning starts with a stage 1 tuning but adds additional modifications like Decat / DPF off / DTC removal. If you want more power from your chiptuning, we will add this in stage 2.

Performance optimization through engine management. However, stage 3 chiptuning needs adjustments to other engine components such as turbos, injectors, intercoolers, etc. We need full information about the upgrades. Waiting time around 1 or 2 days!

Additional services include

Vmax off

Removal of the maximum speed limiter.

DPF off

Disabling of DPF.

EGR off

Disabling of the EGR Valve.

DPF + EGR off

Disabling of DPF and EGR valve and removal of related DTC’s.


Disabling the catalyst and removal of related DTC’s.

DTC off

Removal of DTC’s ( Diagnostic Trouble Codes )

AdBlue / SCR off

Disabling the SCR system and removal of related DTC’s.

Anti lag

Programming of Anti Lag system (ALS).

Cylinder on demand off

Disabling of Active Cylinder system (ACT).

E85 Flexfuel (if possible)

Stage 1 chip tuning for vehicles that run on E85 Bioethanol. The so-called flexifuel cars.

Hard Cut limiter (diesel)

Programming of Hard Cut Limiter for diesel powered vehicles.

Hot start / Cold start

Software modification to make sure the vehicle starts better with a cold engine.

Launch Control

Programming of Launch Control.

MAF off (if possible)

Air Mass sensor shutdown. Always provide the error codes if they are present in the ECU.

O2 / NOx off (if possible)

Removal of the O2 / NOx sensor functions. Always provide the error codes if they are present in the ECU.

Performance Gauge BMW/Mini/VAG

Adjustment of the digital performance meters (BMW / Mini / VAG ) that display the power and torque in real time.

Pop & Bang / Crackle map

Programming of Pop & Bang Crackle map.

Rev Limiter

Adjustment of the rev limiter.

Start / Stop system off

Disabling the Start & Stop system. Always provide the error codes if they are present in the ECU.

Swirl Flaps off

Swirl Flaps removal. Always provide the error codes if they are present in the ECU.

Torque Monitoring off

Removal of torque monitoring function en related DTC’s.

Warranty Patch ( BMW / Mini / VAG )

Warranty patch (BMW / Mini / VAG) programming of the original software over the tuning software. In that way a dealer can't trace the tuning software.

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