CMD-Flash Tools

CMD Flash chip tuning tool is manufactured by CMD Technologies - Flashtec. CMD Flash is one of the best and most stable tools in the World today. Large vehicle coverage and excellent software makes it a must-have tool for all car tuners.

CMD-Flash OBD Tool

The Flash tool CMD is on of the best on the market. Particularly suitable for diesel vehicles and for the user easy and safe to handle. The CMD-Flash is a tool which allows you to have the OBD plug on the vehicle data from the control device to read and to write. The big advantage is that the control device doesn't have to be opened and no soldering is needed. All data exchange happens on the OBD connector.

With this tool you are able to flash the most of all European and Korean OBD diesel vehicles. We distribute all products from CMD and can support you. The CMD flash tool is available in the versions master and slave.

CMD-Flash BDM Tool

For ECUs with Motorola processors from 2002 to today's date. This series of Motorola processors has 448KB to 2MB flash memory. This memory can not be read or written with a EPROM programmer. This is just about the BDM interface. Usually there are 10 solder pads on the bottom of the board. The BDM flash tool connects the solder points with the BDM interface via USB to the PC. The BDM flash tool is supported via USB with the operating voltage. The control unit needs its own 12V supply voltage.



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