Start a ChipTuning business

Thinking of starting a ChipTuning business?

Anyone can start chiptuning, certainly if you have the right partners who can support you at every stage. It doesn’t really matter whether you have experience in the automotive industry or not. It’s obviously an advantage if you do have experience.

No experience, no problem

Starting with ChipTuning

Want to take up a new challenge in the chiptuning sector?

Don’t let lack of experience and expertise stop you! Dyno-ChiptuningFiles and Tuning-Shop can assist you from A to Z in all aspects of chiptuning, from supplying the necessary ECU software, advising on business processes, the necessary equipment and tools, to quality controls.

Assisting companies worldwide with high-quality tuning for more than 10 years

We also advise companies on their choice of necessary equipment through our online shop ( Having acquired years of experience in our own chiptuning company, we know what needs to be done before starting and expanding a tuning business in the chiptuning industry.

What do i need

"You don’t need a lot to start you off in chiptuning"

A capable laptop to run the various tuning programs

Chiptuning tool(s) like the Autotuner tool we chose

A good File service to make things much easier for you, that's where we come in

Customers to help get the best performance possible out of their vehicle


You need a laptop to run the various tuning programs, but there are very few other requirements.

It can be useful to buy a separate laptop just to use for your chiptuning work. This will ensure that the laptop stays fast and manageable. Check the system requirements of the tuning tools you plan to buy to before you purchase or start setting up a laptop for tuning.

Autotuner tool

We have chosen the Autotuner tool as the best tuning tool for a beginner. A huge number of cars and models can be reprogrammed using this tool.

The device is user friendly, uncomplicated and fast. It’s a real all-in-one tool that can read and write via OBD, Bench and Boot. But is has another major advantage: all its updates are free, and you’re not tied to a subscription that has to be renewed every year to stay up to date. What’s more we are offering 10 free credits you can use straight away to buy ECU software from us. This means you recoup your investment almost immediately through us.

A good File service

Many car and chiptuning companies don’t choose to write their own software.

Hiring an engineer is expensive, and good, experienced engineers are also difficult to find. Because ECU software is becoming increasingly complex, it’s also quite difficult to train someone in-house. A lot of experience is needed, and this is one of the main reasons why companies outsource the development and writing of software. It makes things much easier for them. We have this experience. We have eight engineers ready to support our customers.


To start a successful chiptuning company, you obviously need customers. Fortunately, customers will appear pretty quickly.

A tip for tuners just starting out is to help family and friends first, so that you can start slowly and get the hang of the process better. These satisfied early customers will often tell their friends and acquaintances, after which new customers will appear automatically on the basis of their recommendations.

When do i start?

we really only have one answer "just start with it"

We notice that many business owners are often looking for ways to increase their revenue, but at the same time are reluctant to step into the unknown. As a result, opportunities are often lost. Doing business always involves risks. But what if those risks could be removed completely? Would you then venture to start a tuning company?

Thinking of starting a ChipTuning business?

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