Frequently asked questions

What does ECU tuning mean?

ECU tuning refers to the process of adjusting the settings and parameters within the engine control unit to improve factors like horsepower, torque, fuel efficiency, and overall vehicle performance.

What is WinOLS?

WinOLS is a software application used for modifying and tuning automotive Engine Control Unit (ECU) maps and parameters to optimize vehicle performance.

Do I need special hardware to use WinOLS?

WinOLS can be used with a standard PC, but you may need additional hardware like an ECU programmer or a diagnostic interface, depending on your specific tuning requirements.

Is WinOLS user-friendly for beginners?

WinOLS is a powerful tool but may have a learning curve for beginners. It's recommended to have some knowledge of ECU tuning and a basic understanding of engine parameters before using the software.

What are the key features of WinOLS?

WinOLS offers features such as map editing, checksum correction, automatic map recognition, and import/export options. It also supports various file formats used in the tuning industry.

Can I damage my vehicle's ECU with WinOLS?

While WinOLS is generally safe when used by knowledgeable users, incorrect modifications can potentially harm the ECU or engine. Always make backups and exercise caution when making changes.

Are there any risks associated with ECU tuning using WinOLS?

Risks include voiding warranties, affecting emissions compliance, and potential damage to the engine if not done correctly. It's crucial to understand the consequences and have proper knowledge before tuning.

Where can I find resources or tutorials to learn how to use WinOLS effectively?

Online forums, tutorials, and user communities are excellent resources for learning how to use WinOLS effectively. The software may also come with documentation or user manuals.

What is the legality of ECU tuning with WinOLS?

The legality of vehicle tuning varies by location and depends on local regulations. It's essential to comply with local laws and regulations when using WinOLS for tuning purposes.

Is customer support available for WinOLS products?

Many companies that offer WinOLS products provide customer support and technical assistance. Check with the product's manufacturer or distributor for available support options.

Are there any subscription or licensing fees for WinOLS?

WinOLS may require a one-time purchase or a subscription fee, depending on the version and licensing model. Be sure to check the pricing details when acquiring the software. You can find all WinOLS software prices here. WinOLS also comes with additional upgrades which you can find here.

Can I update WinOLS at your company when I am not a customer of you?

We can not update your WinOLS in our portal when you aren’t a customer of us!

Will my update affect both workstations?

If you already have WinOLS and have purchased it after 01-04-2020, you can upgrade your WinOLS for free (per seat). Otherwise you need to take in account that you have to update both workstations!

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