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Connect your WinOLS database to our EVC WinOLS Reseller database


NB ! Purchasing a new Winols 5 is only possible if your data or email address are NOT registered with EVC.DE! our WinOLS5 page.

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Buying high quality tuning files has never been easier! Just connect your WinOLS database to our EVC WinOLS reseller database with the following instructions:

Connect your WinOLS database with our database in the following steps:

  • Search your WinOLS/customer number:

  • Go to www.dyno-chiptuningfiles.com log in and go to edit account and fill in your WinOLS/customer number.
  • Go back to your WinOLS and go to miscellaneous > and select updates + registration, your WinOLS has now a new client path
  • Check your client path:

  • You can select Reseller-DCF and you can see all our projects. When you drop a file in the WinOLS and you push ctrl+alt+o search similar you see if DCF-Reseller has the project.
  • We have the following content in our database:
  • Tuning files
  • Limited map pack
  • Super map pack
  • Add Blue off
  • Damos files
  • Dpf off
  • If you want to download a project, just purchase OLS Credits on our site

If you need any info, please let us know.



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