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DCF iFrame (setup fee + subscription)

You can order a responsive iFrame containing our complete database of tuning specifications. We can customize this DCF iFrame specifically for your language, preferred color scheme and fonts. When configuration of your iFrame is finished we will provide the necessary code and instructions so you can implement the DCF iFrame on your website.

Example link: iFrame in Dutch  | iFrame in English

We can offer you an DCF iFrame for your site with the following pricing:

  • Setup fee € 495,00 excl. VAT
  • Monthly subscription € 49,95 excl. VAT ( 12 months included )

This includes lifetime updates on the tuningfile specification database.

Please note: if you have a Wix website it is impossible at this moment to embed the iframe correct. You can only embed it as a website and set the height of the iframe on max-height. But this will leave a gap on the page when you don’t have a vehicle selected and an internal scrollbar when you do have a vehicle selected. Feel free to try this, but we don’t give support on this.

Normal price
Reduced price
€750.00 Excl. VAT
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