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Stage 2 ready for the BMW 540i

We are proud to announce that Dyno-ChiptuningFiles has developed stage 2 software for the BMW 540i with 340hp!

Capacity: 2998cc
Bore x stroke: 82.0 x 84.6 (mm)
Compression ratio: 11.0 (:1)
Power approx: 340hp
Power output stage 2: 460hp
Torque approx: 450nm
Torque output stage 2: 680nm
Upgrade: Upgraded fuel pump
                OPF off (stage 2)

  • DCF_BMW_540i_Stage_2_Upgraded_Fuel_Pump_OPF_off
  • fuelpump-upgrade-bmw-540i-340hp-opf-off-g3031-2016-2019
DCF_BMW_540i_Stage_2_Upgraded_Fuel_Pump_OPF_off fuelpump-upgrade-bmw-540i-340hp-opf-off-g3031-2016-2019

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