The DCF iFrame database offers a responsive iframe containing our complete database of tuning specifications which you can use on your own website. The database will be kept up-to-date and will remain under management of The DCF iFrame is an easy system to integrate as you only have to place a HTML code in your website in order to get the frame working.

We offer the DCF iFrame in two variants: a free and a paid version. The free iframe is completely free to use but you will sponsor which is labeled on top and the bottom end of the frame.

The paid version won’t have the label but wil contain your own website’s URL. We offer the DCF iFrame in subscription form for one year or a subscription per month.

How does it work?
You can customize this DCF iframe specifically for your language, preferred color scheme and fonts in your account. There you also can specify 3 URL’s which you would like to use the iframe on and find the support how to integrate the iframe in your website.

Your customized iframe will be loaded into the page ready to use by your visitors. And since we update our database on a daily basis you never have to worry about your configurator being out-of-date.

The implementation of the DCF iFrame is easy. After ordering the iFrame you will receive an email with a couple of questions to compose the iFrame to your wishes. The iFrame DCF is then set up according to your wishes and you will receive an HTML code which you can implement in your website.

Please note: if you have a Wix website it is impossible at this moment to embed the iframe correct. You can only embed it as a website and set the height of the iframe on max-height. But this will leave a gap on the page when you don’t have a vehicle selected and an internal scrollbar when you do have a vehicle selected. Feel free to try this, but we don’t give support on this.

Example link: iFrame in Dutch  | iFrame in English

Order the DCF iFrame here

View all our chiptuning files specifications online